Summer 2013

“You Win This Time, Herräng Flu. This Time!”

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Points if you actually read the title in Dr. Claw’s voice.

I say as I shake my fist comically at the sky, taking cues from every 1980s villain ever.

Yes, it was because I was (and still am) sick that I came home a full four days earlier than planned. I stuck out my remaining days for week 4, but was under instructions to NOT dance. I actually visited the ER in Norrtälje (which, for those who do not speak Swedish, sounds a lot like NutellaⓇ) not once but twice.

Before anyone freaks out, it was never anything life threatening. It’s just the doctor in Herräng wasn’t licensed to give out more than bandages and that was the nearest medical care center. The first visit to the ER was merely for antibiotics. The second time was because my body did not react well to the antibiotics and so the camp sent me back the next day just to be safe.

I have a Swedish medical number now!
I have a Swedish medical number now!

(What really happened: Just to be clear, I ended up having a sinus infection. Not infectious, like we all feared, but made it very uncomfortable. I have now received medical treatment back here in the states and have medication to help me towards a speedy recovery.)

So, to echo my last blog’s title, what do you do in Herräng when you’re sick?

The answer: Take pictures!

The African dance class, along with dancers from Mozambique, gave a fantastic performance on Thursday evening. It was hard not to want to get up and dance to the live drums. The class did fantastic as well! Definitely an amazing experience.

IMG_6996 IMG_6976
IMG_6989 IMG_7014

Friday, once again, the camp threw a huge party, this time with the theme of World’s Fair. Everyone was encouraged to dress up to represent their country and contribute something to show/share with the rest of the camp. Once again, some people got really creative. The Netherlands set up this adorable booth where you could paint your own Delft tiles (on cardboard, of course) and participate in Dutch games like sack races. Lithuania, apparently a very enthusiastic basketball population, challenged the rest of the camp to several 3-on-3 matches. It was Lithuania vs. the world, and I think Lithuania won. Mexico set up Mexican wrestling, several countries set up food stands, and… Oh, you want to know about America? America set up a beer pong table. Yay, USA.

IMG_7054 IMG_7027
IMG_7022 IMG_7021

Starting at 11 p.m., there was a cabaret where all countries were invited to contribute a three minute act of their choice. About half the countries submitted something. It being a dance camp, most revolved around music of some sort, either a cultural dance or song. Some, however, thought out of the box. Israel, for instance, had four people dress up like a camel (i.e. a tan sheet) and did the camel walk (a vernacular jazz step) to the Black Eyed Peas’ My Humps. The UK did competitive queueing, where all contestants dressed up as different stereotypes from the UK, including Queen Elizabeth herself. The US simply started swing dancing which dissolved into Born in the USA by Bruce Springsteen.

I changed my flight from Tuesday, July 31st to Saturday, July 27th and so left Herräng at six am, to hang out at the airport until my flight at 2:10 in the afternoon. The flight home was less than comfortable thanks to the air pressure and my sinuses, but it was all worth it to spend a night in my own bed.

Now I am fully on the road to recovery, gathering up my life and then… well, the next adventure. 🙂


Thank you to everyone who followed me on this journey. It has been amazing, filled with new experiences, wonderful people and memories that I will cherish forever. I enjoyed keeping up with this blog, and I’m not finished! Oh no, there are pictures unseen, adventures untold, and besides, my life doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. I don’t know how often I will be blogging from this point on, but I do plan to keep writing, just as I hope you plan to keep reading.

So, until next time, xoxo,


One thought on ““You Win This Time, Herräng Flu. This Time!”

  1. Glad you are safe at home and healing now, though I’m sorry you had to leave early. It stinks that you couldn’t enjoy the last of your time dancing at Herrang, but at least you were able to go and enjoy to begin with. 🙂 Feel better soon hon!

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