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Tired, From New York

The title of this blog post was inspired by the NPR Moth performance of Jessi Klein under the same name.

A (Not So) Short Preface

It’s hard to come back to something that has been collecting dust. At first, you’re putting it off because it’s not pressing, it doesn’t have to happen right NOW, and you’ll get back to it later. But the longer you wait, the more monstrous the task seems and so you consistently push back thoughts when they pop up about how you might want to think about writing again. But then you answer back that there’s nothing to write about. Of course, that’s a lie.

To be accurate, one would just have to add one word: there’s nothing positive to write about.

And some might even say that’s not true. When I tried to talk about with some people, they would ask the next obvious question, “Well, what are you doing?” And I would list every thing that I was involved in, which not a short list by any means.

“It sounds like you’re doing fine. Why are you unhappy?”

A much more complicated answer.

The truth is, I wasn’t entirely sure what I was going to do in New York City when I got here. Sure, I had ideas. I had support from friends and family alike, to which I owe 99.9% of what I’ve been able to do in this city over the past eight months. And while I have done some pretty amazing things that I am so, so, so grateful for… I’m afraid.

I’m afraid to admit that New York was a mistake. That I should have done something else, something safer. And sometimes that could mean staying in Tallahassee, or even choosing a much safer major than art history, or even studying more in high school and taking things more seriously. It has been and still is difficult to not think “what if” on a lot of accounts of my life.

Now before I cause too much worry, I have sought out professional help for these poisonous thoughts and am well on the way to recovery. I’ve been using this breath of fresh air to evaluate my life and what my next move should be. And as life moves on, so do I.

I hesitate to talk about things to come, but I can definitely talked about all the things that have happened!

What’s Been Happening

Nathan & I about to see The Lion King on Broadway.

One of my best friends came to visit me in the Big Apple! I had such a blast with this guy for the whole week he was here. I got to show him some of my favorite parts of the city, And he got his first taste of New York. (And I don’t think it will be his last.)

My laptop died. It was a pretty traumatic experience. No one, not even the computer doctors, could tell me what exactly went wrong. (It’s speculated that a faulty upgrade caused my motherboard to short.) I replaced it about a week later. Hopefully this one has a longer lifespan.

I have become obsessed with Humans of New York. This city is always coming up with new ways to inspire me and HONY is a spectacular example.

I celebrated four full years of Lindy Hop. So much has happened between 2010 and now. And it’s amazing to think that it’s still going.

I attended my first event of 2014: Swing into Spring! I had a blast dancing with old friends AND I made it into the finals of the Jack & Jill! (And got to catch up with some of my favorite teachers.) Definitely a must-attend.

I began a survey to help start with my business plan. It’s always a mixture of feelings when I see results of my planning for the future, and these gave me chills. Still working hard in spare moments towards this dream.

I debuted as a swing DJ at Yehoodie’s Frim FramI had such a blast DJing and talking with Lainey Silver, who is one of the most refreshing individuals you could ever hope to meet on and off the dance floor. It had been a long time since I got to play some of my favorite tunes and I got so many compliments. Hopefully I will get to DJ again soon. (Also, Skye Humphries was at Fram and I got to dance with him to my most favorite song! Definitely something that kept me smiling for a long, long time.)


I got to wear a fabulous gown with fabulous people representing Li-Lac Chocolates at Night of a Thousand Gowns. Definitely something that was on my bucket list as soon as I became aware of it. But before I get to the event, I have to rave about my experience with Rent the Runway.

So this is a black tie event, which means a tux or a gown. Now, as a normal somebody, I don’t exactly have gowns in my closets to pick from. (I mean, I probably could have sent for my prom dress from 2009, but let’s be real. This is not a “what I found in my closet” kind of event.) I heard about RtR from a friend. Basically, you can rent high fashion designer gowns for 4-8 days for a fraction of the price. Perfect for any event where you must have a fabulous dress, but don’t want to spend the money on something you’re going to wear just once.

Any way, so the date is approaching, I’m getting everything done at the last minute, and suddenly I realize that my dress hasn’t arrived yet. (Yes, this is a delivery service.) So I’m calling at like 6 p.m. on Friday with the event literally the next day in a panic. And as soon as I expressed that I was in an emergency, Serena (the wonderful stylist on the phone) became very serious as well, saying that we had to act fast if I was going to get my dress in time. When I told her my address, however, things got a lot smoother very quickly.

Serena: Oh! You’re in New York? That’s wonderful! We’ll just have it couriered to you tonight!

And to make a long story (not so) short, my dress arrived at my doorstep at 10 p.m.

So I cannot recommend Rent the Runway enough from it’s impeccable selection for black tie events and weddings to it’s jaw dropping customer service. Definitely check it out when you have the chance.

Any way, Night of a Thousand Gowns was as much of a spectacle you could imagine. From amazing food to an open bar to fantastic performances to just the amazingly gorgeous attendants. Definitely something that I knocked off my bucket list after putting on said list only months before. So thank you Li-Lac for that amazing opportunity!

I got the flu. 😦

I started taking tap with the amazing Caleb Teicher! Finally following that dream to becoming Gene Kelly/Donald O’Connor/Anne Miller. (Since I saw Singin’ in the Rain when I was, like, four.)



I performed not once but TWICE with the Big Apple Lindy Hoppers! I love being a part of this group. It’s filled with such wonderful individuals that continuously remind me why I keep dancing.

And finally, I experienced my first professional photo shoot with Michael Cinquino Photography. This is something I’ve always wanted to do (I mean, who hasn’t wanted to feel like a super model or a movie star at least once in their lives?), but recently I realized home useful a professional head shot can be.

Not actively looking, but perusing, I asked around, but it wasn’t until I saw my friend Chris’s head shot that I asked for rates.

Michael was so professional and easy and just made it fun. He quickly dispelled any nerves and Amanda Wilson was a doll with make-up. After two hours we had over 300 (more or less) usable images that I cannot wait to show off more of them. (Not counting the one that is the new header for my site.)

Nicole Zonnenberg by Michael Cinquino-141
There were a lot of glamour shots, but I’m a sucker for goofy faces.

What Next?

Well, a lot of things, least of which is a revamp of this site. I am going to be updating more regularly on HERE, not Swinging On Sunshine. More to come, I promise!

If you’re still reading, thanks for sticking around this long.

xoxo – N

2 thoughts on “Tired, From New York

  1. Your new header photo is indeed, fantastic! And the shot of you in that dress? As Conan O’Brien might say, Mrowr!

    Sorry to hear about the troubles you’ve had in NYC. It looks from here like you’ve had a lot of positive things going on as well. As great as it might be to have you back in Tallahassee (and as a customer) again, staying in NYC takes a kind of courage that few have. And if one day you do decide to roam somewhere else, well, it takes courage to do that too.

    Remember, if you need an ear to bend, I’m just a tweet away!

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