2014 in Review

Like every year, Facebook allows its users to condense an entire year into a small array of photos and statuses from the year so that people can look back fondly over 2014. Most people that have done so have commented how “good” 2014 has been and that they are sad to see it go.

However, when I view my year, I don’t think “good”.

“Good” is a terrible word. Years of over use has worn the word down to something as bland and mediocre as slightly over-cooked oatmeal.

So “good”, you are not the word I’m tacking onto the end of 2014. But what word am I going to associate this year with? Even as I type this blog entry, I still am at a loss.

July 4th with my new roomie!
July 4th with my new roomie!

“Unpredictable” springs to mind when I think about the beginning of this year. I was still in New York City with every intention of staying in New York City (but with plans to move to Brooklyn). There was however, a growing weight on my conscience that demanded my attention more and more and finally I had to admit something was wrong. What, exactly? I had no clue. But I wasn’t happy and had very little of the direction I started with.

So between wonderful things such as performing with the Big Apple Lindy Hoppers, DCLX, Frankie 100, BABBLE, Stompology, and many other wonderful things, I decided it was time to move to Baltimore. And within a month and a half I moved all of my belongings to the very different city. I made myself at home as quick as possible: doing odd jobs here and there for Mobtown Ballroom while working at Barnes & Noble part time. A pretty decent existence while trying to figure out what I really want to be when I grow up.

Celebrating Frankie Manning's 100th birthday!
Celebrating Frankie Manning’s 100th birthday!

Then, out of nowhere, a job at Johns Hopkins drops into my lap. Or is offered to me on the dance floor at Mobtown. Me? At Johns Hopkins? Right… I’m an art history major who took her last science course in 2010. Are you sure? Is this a joke?


Celebrated my 24th birthday by being spies!
Celebrated my 24th birthday by being spies!

So here I am, a research assistant at Johns Hopkins helping improve the process of kidney transplant. Still doing odd jobs at Mobtown. And making plans to start graduate school in 2015. Participating in friends’ ambitious productions (and having a blast). Spending time with family in Florida before heading up with friends to the infamous Lindy Focus.

After writing all of that, a few more words pop into my mind: “full”, “overwhelming”, “transition”, “transforming”, “discovery”, “accomplished”.

I’m happy that 2014 won’t conform to just one word. It’s been fun. It’s been hard. There have been tears. There have been smiles. There have been mistakes. There have been triumphs. There have been gains. There have been losses. There have been busy days. There have been lazy days. And while 2015 could maybe take down a notch in the whole “momentous life changes”–don’t get me wrong! keep them coming! Just maybe not move-to-a-different-city kind of life changes. I’ve done enough of that for a while.

Ladies' of Mobtown by Jerry Almonte.
Ladies’ of Mobtown by Jerry Almonte.

One thought on “2014 in Review

  1. Hi Nicole,
    Just wanted to say Hi. Hope you don’t leave all the NYC dancing for us!
    Swing remix is a good one, Saturdays at the JCC in Manhattan.
    See you on the dance floor,
    Steve from Tampa

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