My Speech at My Dad’s Wedding

This past weekend, I made a speech at my dad’s wedding. When I sat down to write this, I was at a loss. A quick internet search revealed that daughters do not typically give speeches at their dad’s wedding. But after a lot of hemming and hawing and procrastination, I wrote something that I ended up being completely proud of.

(NOTE: Some of this is not verbatim, as I did start ad-libbing towards the end, but trust me the heart is still all there.)


When I first sat down to write this speech, I realized a lot of you speak Spanish fluently. So I decided to look way back and dig deep to find all of the Spanish I remember from high school. *ahem*

Hola! Mi llamo Nicole y yo soy la hija de Martin. Gracias y adios!

And then I decided that was too short for a speech, so let me start over…

Welcome! Thank you all for coming and help celebrate the union of two very wonderful people–my dad and Katiela. I would also like to thank them for bringing so many wonderful and diverse people together.

I have always taken pride with having such an international family, stretching from Europe to America to New Zealand. And now to Nicaragua.

Unions like this one continue to give me hope. When so much of the world focuses on differences, we choose to celebrate what brings us together.

When I think of my dad, I think of someone who loves adventure, who is driven, who is resourceful. He was my first superhero, because he set out to accomplish dreams for himself and his family. I am unbelievably proud of him and so happy he has found someone with which to share the next part of his life.

Katiela, I was not sure what to expect when I met you for the first time only after talking to you once on the phone. You quickly won me over with your kindness, your sincerity, and your heart. Michael, dad, and I are lucky to have you in our lives. And I just want to say, welcome to our family.

For you both, I wish for your adventures to be brilliant, that you don’t always follow directions, and when things do not go the way you planned you can come together, compromise, and find anew path.

So please join me and raise your glasses:

To Martin and Katiela:

Les deseo muchas felicidades! Salud!

3 thoughts on “My Speech at My Dad’s Wedding

  1. My father is getting married this Sunday, as his daughter and best man it turns out I need to give a speech to an audience who speaks half english, half mandarin… After a quick google search “what to say at your father’s wedding” I just wanted to say thank you x100 for sharing your speech!!

    1. Thank you! ^_^ I’m so happy that it’s helpful (that’s why I posted it in the first place). Good luck this weekend! I’m sure you’re going to kill it. 😉

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